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    "I’m excited as anyone else can be for the new Reboot reboot. The main appeal of the show was “we made this thing with computers” which was the most revolutionary, mind exploding thing possible. The imagery was all over the place, since they had to work with designs that they could actually create with the technology at the time, cubes, orbs, lumps and robots all interacting with blue-skinned mannequin avatars. The other thing is just how DARK the show became, there were wars, mutilation, death and spiritual rebirth, all the while a new game would drop down and now they have to be ninjas. Basically, it felt like they just gave IT department some bad acid and told them to make a cartoon. Looking back on it, it was probably the most surreal saturday morning cartoon ever made. I can’t wait to binge watch it online at 3am.” Original idea by @bestjakeyoung

    Buy Reboot here!


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    I loved this show recently downloaded all the seasons … I want this shirt and a legit reboot badge!!!!!!!!
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